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Customer Testimonials

We know that buying or selling your boat is a major decision  Please read what some of our clients have to say and know that we will take the best care of you.  We LOVE what we do and our customers make everything possible.  Your complete satisfaction is our top priority!

What our customers have to say............

To sum it up you have been the hardest working agent I have ever dealt with when purchasing a boat. You were up front

and honest about everything and made the buying experience a pleasure.

Donald in New Jersey

Noelle was with us when my wife and I spent many hours looking for an under 40' cruising boat. She had lots of patience as we were

first time buyers and very unsure of what boat to purchase.  In Maryland she showed us many variations of "our boat".  When we

decided which boat we wanted, Noelle located a great boat at a very reasonable price. Noelle helped us through the purchase and we

were very happy with our choice.  Over the years we have stayed in contact with Noelle and saw her at several boat shows, where we

found her to be a good friend.  When we decided to sell out boat, my first call was to Noelle.  She was helpful in selling the boat and although we were not able to sell the boat through Noelle (we decided to donate it), I would recommend Noelle on any brokerage transaction as she is very knowledgeable, very fair and very honorable.  She is a good friend.

Bobby and Layne in Connecticut 

I realized, Noelle, that  you were skilled when we first met, but did not realize how skilled you were until you let me explode through all of my anxieties last week.  I had a boss once that was fond of saying  ".....solve your problems in advance so I can help you more...." . I had forgotten that advice.  Thank you very much for all of the extras that you put into this: from taking the time to handle a boat not really in your business model, to helping the "other side" work through the transaction.  The level of service you provided is part of what makes you successful, and will always bring more business.  Thanks again.

Pat in Florida   

                                                                                                                             I  have known Noelle since the days she was running Arnie Gay's in Annapolis.  She has been our agent 

                                                                                                                            on both sides of the transactions--buying and selling. Having owned over a dozen boats, I have found Noelle

                                                                                                                            to be the most knowledgeable and ethical broker I have encountered.  She gives you a valid opinion and

                                                                                                                            evaluation of a boat when you are buying and great strategies and execution when selling.  She does not

                                                                                                                            hesitate to walk from a boat during a survey even though she will lose the sale. I intend to employ her again.

                                                                                                                            Virgil and Becky in New Jersey

                                                                                                                            I have enjoyed doing business with Noelle for over twenty years. We have purchased three boats (and

                                                                                                                            sold one) through Noelle and each transaction was professionally handled and concluded to our

                                                                                                                            satisfaction.  Noelle is creative, knowledgeable, and professional.  We highly recommend her to

                                                                                                                            anyone buying or selling a yacht.

                                                                                                                            David  in Virginia

​I bought a boat through Noelle 9 years ago.  Noelle handled the transaction in a professional manner and was a pleasure to work with.  She pressured the boat manufacturer to make some warranty repairs.  In addition, Noelle was very helpful getting vendors to install systems and add ons before delivery.  Noelle introduced me to Chris Patterson who has managed my boat for nine years.  Chris has done an outstanding job.  Chris and Noelle are true professionals that help to make boating a pleasure.

​Chuck in Maryland

We worked with Noelle to sell our boat, expecting to have it on the market for a number of months.  The process took exactly 28 days from the signing of the brokerage agreement to turning over the keys to the new owner.  It was not only amazingly fast , we also got a higher price than any East Coast comaprable.  Noelle knows this business and when we are in the market for a new boat, will definitely use her services.  Over the years we have bought and sold over a dozen boats, none of the previous transactions were as smooth as the last and I credit that soley to her.

Tom & Deb in Maryland                                                                                    

                                                                                                                              I would highly recommend Noelle to anyone looking to purchase a boat/yacht.  We found her to be

                                                                                                                              knowledgeable, responsive and very customer oriented.  She was also very responsive after the sale

                                                                                                                              when any questions or issues arose.

                                                                                                                              Susan & Alex in Virginia

                                                                                                                              Noelle was the most will informed broker I have worked with. Her specific knowledge of 

                                                                                                                              Apreamare has no equal in the US.  On a personal level, her communication skills combined

                                                                                                                              with her product knowledge to provide a very welcome and simple experience.  Her availability

                                                                                                                              and follow through put her in the very top of her peer group.

​                                                                                                                             Tim in Minnesota 

                                                                                                                              My experience working with you for an outsider (Canada) was great. You lead the negotiation and 

                                                                                                                              obtained a great price on my boat!  On the resale a couple of years later , you brought me the right

                                                                                                                              buyer and reduced significantly the loss of depreciation.  You act professionally and I would never

                                                                                                                              hesitate to recommend you.

                                                                                                                              Yves in Canada

I had an excellent experience with Semmes Yacht Sales recently when they managed the sale of my Eastbay 49.  Noelle is a very experienced broker who handled 

the closing details smoothly and perfectly.  Chris Patterson is a yacht captain who has spent his life on the water. His knowledge of boats comes from experience

- sailboat racing around the world, small boat ocean crossings, inter coastal motor yachting, fixing anything that goes wrong under any condition.  He literally knows

more about boat mechanics than most boat mechanics.  He managed the sale process with poise and was fun to deal with as well.  I can recommend Semmes Yacht

Sales without hesitation!

​Dennis in Maryland

We would like to thank you for the great services that you performed as a boat broker and consultant.  It was a great pleasure to work with someone who is very professional and

knowledgeable.  You made it your business to oversee all aspects of handling the sale of a boat, arranging to have our boat fully refurbished and vanished, making sure  there was

a captain to transport our boat safely, and you provided full knowledge about everything for handling a new boat.  We remember when you flew down to Florida to meet us to see

an Apreamare, when we were looking to buy one. We remember being so impressed that you left your family to fly down and meet us.  You spent so much time with us and really

put your heart into it.  We would highly recommend you to any of our friends and anyone we know how are in the market for a new or brokerage boat.

​Henry & Karen in New York

Noelle was great to work with on the purchase ; finding the boat I had my heart set on, at the right price

at a time when that particular boat was rare and hard to find in the US.  She stayed in touch through

the years and when it came time for the boat to go, she moved it in what was a very, very difficult

market.  I will certainly use her again when it comes time.

​Bob in Virginia

We went looking for an active, engaged, and diligent boat broker to help us buy our dream yacht. And we found one:

Noelle. Noelle set appointments, checked on boats, asked all the right questions and helped us negotiate.  In an

industry full of less-than-adequate service providers, Noelle is a superstar.  We'll be buying the next yacht with 

Noelle too!

​Andrew & Liz in Rhode Island

Noelle Semmes was the selling agent of our Nonsuch 36.  She also thoroughly educated us in our

successful search for a new sailboat. Her knowledge, work ethic and personal charm made these

transitions smooth and pleasant.  It was our good fortune to find such and outstanding yacht broker.

Eleanore in Pennsylvania

We had Noelle list our boat for sale right as the boating industry took a dreadful hit with the economy.  The inventory of boats for sale was saturated  and boats weren't moving.  She was very experienced, knowledgeable of our boat and with her determination, she found a buyer.  We highly recommend Noelle as she is a pleasure to work with and protects, provides and goes the extra mile for her clients.

​Gayle & Arthur in Massachusetts 

Noelle is a very experienced professional.  Hasving been on both sides of a transaction (buying a boat and watching the sale of my traded boat). she displayed great capability. Noelle is a good choice for your boating needs.

Patrick in Maryland

Noelle Semmes is a person who knows and executes her job very thoroughly and satisfactorily.  I had the pleasure of meeting Noelle in the late nineties when she was associated with a small but elite Italian boat company.  I owned one of their boats and was asked to be a consultant for them in the US.   In this capacity, I often worked very closely with Noelle and was impressed with her knowledge of boats, engines and the industry. She was a person who would do what she said she would do on time and in great detail. I've spent a lifetime in boats, both power and sail, and I thought that I knew it all.  But many times, when a serious or complicated matter came up, I always called Noelle for her input and if she didn't have the answer, which she usually did, she would quickly call her contacts and come up with the right answer.  Lastly, Noelle is very personable and a pleasure to be around.  Everyone enjoys working with her.  If you are considering buying a boat, start with Noelle and save yourself a lot of time and grief.

Richard - a former Connecticut resident now living in the US Virgin Islands